Saturday, January 10, 2015

Movie Tickets and Doodles

There are people who love movie tickets and there are people who love to draw/doodle. Basically, that means there are people who love to collect movie tickets and draw/doodle (what the f am I saying).

Around 2 weeks ago, I watched Big Hero 6 which turned out to be a fantastic movie (you should watch it!). At first, of course, I only wanted to keep the movie ticket in a jar like I usually did. But because I just love the movie that much, I couldn't resist to doodle Baymax. And I thought, 'Hey, why don't I just do this with every movie ticket from now on!' so starting then, I collect movie movie tickets and if I love the movie, I'll draw a doodle that represents it.

I use circle-shaped stickers, but of course you can use whatever-shaped sticker or paper you want. You can stick the tickets in a binder, notebook, bedroom wall, or anywhere you want.

I hope this inspires you!

Love, emilywip <3

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