Wednesday, March 11, 2015

IKEA Snaps


I got the chance to visit the first IKEA in my country last Sunday. It was brand new and extremely far from where I live. I went there with my cousin, my cousin's wife, my cousin's wife's cousin, my uncle, my aunt, my grandmother, and my younger sister. I didn't have much time to take lots of pictures (AND TO BUY ICE CREAM HUHUHU) because we were about to see a movie after, which is Chappie. And it was pretty crowded that I couldn't take pictures without hurrying (and being embarrassed), so some of them came out blurry.

We had lunch at IKEA and the food is pretty good and inexpensive, comparing to other restaurants. There was a "parking area" for customers' shopping bags to let them eat and go to the restroom freely.

I find this so Tumblr-y~

IKEA is one my favorite places because I personally think that it sells things and gives inspirations at the same time. There are a lot of room ideas - from the gamer kind of room to kawaii room ideas.

Cups and teapots.


Anyway, I use my phone to take the pictures and edited them using VSCO/Camly. And regarding the fact that I really regret being embarrassed to take pictures, the next time I go somewhere and feel the needs to take pictures, I'll immediately take my camera and snap. ;D

xx emilywip

Useless p.s.: I dropped my phone twice within an hour at IKEA. *sobs*

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