Sunday, March 15, 2015

Musical Culinary Festival

Only one or two weeks ago, my friend Ailin and I wanted to have a blogger kind of day where we go somewhere together, take pictures, and write a blog post about the same place/event that we go to. And... it happened! Check out her blog here. :D

Musical Culinary Festival is an event held by LocalTaste, a unit of a business movement that aims to promote local potential from Indonesia within creative industry called, at Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall.

On the third day of the event, my friends and I went there to learn how's the creative business in Indonesia going so far by interviewing people and drawing mind maps eat good food, because we were, basically and extremely hungry (or it was just me).

We came pretty early so we didn't really have to queue to buy our tickets! Each was IDR 10,000 (about $0.8).

Added to my ticket collection!~

There were more than fifty food tenants that sold different kinds of food. There were burgers with ramen instead of buns, black-colored hot dogs, almond milk, corn dogs, ice cream (which is so photogenic), unique flavored kue cubit, croissants filled with beef and chicken, potato balls, potato twist, and a lot more.

After looking around, one of my friends decided to buy ramen burger and the other two bought quesadilla. The first one that I tried was a green tea flavored Mola. It was a mix between vanilla ice cream, chocolate molten cake, and green tea sauce. Overall, it tasted pretty delicious, unique, and sweet but not too sweet. It's a combination between warm and cold. The only thing I didn't really like about it was the green tea sauce. Should've tried another flavor.

After eating sweets, some people always feel the needs to eat savory food. I'm one of those people. I ended up ordering the same thing as my friend ordered from Potato Ball: fried potato balls filled with sausage bits and cheese, topped with BBQ sauce. I love these potato balls! They're yummy.

Free tester~

While eating, we sat in front of the stage where there was a performance by a local band. Unfortunately I didn't get the chance to know the name of it. I guess it's Tropical Thrust but I'm not sure (please correct me if I happen to be wrong!). The music sounded pretty amazing though!

I also bought two bottles of Japanese pudding from The Witty Coco, the strawberry and the original. The pudding itself was like a combination of creme brulee and ice cream. It tasted deliciously smooth and melted in the mouth. The strawberry flavored consists of pudding and strawberry bits while the original consists of pudding and caramel syrup. Not only the amazing taste, the bottles are one of the cutest packagings in the world!~

Pudding + caramel

And, my most favorite food from Musical Culinary this year would be... *drumrolls* The Witty Coco's pudding! Although it's pretty expensive considering the small portion, but I think it's worth it. :)

Well spent day with these lovely people! I hope you have a nice weekend.    

xx emilywip


  1. Wow, all that food looks so good O_O It's making me hungry!

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    1. That's why I love culinary events haha!