Friday, July 31, 2015

Omiyage from Japan

Turned out I couldn't post the 7/7 piece last weekend... I had my own reasons, and one of them was the lack of idea. Another reason was because I wanted to make the last piece looked different from the previous ones, and in order to do that I needed a lot of time and peacefulness, which I couldn't get on that said weekend until now. I'll try to do it before this week ends! Please trust me this time. ;D

On a completely different note, my aunt got us this paper bag full of Japanese goodies and snacks (!!!). I'm always so excited whenever I receive some omiyage from her. Wait, 'excited' is an understatement. There are always cute keychains, my favorite Royal Milk Tea, oishii snacks, and unexpected stuff. YES, PLEASE.

Cuteness overload.
There are some lovely keychains/phonestraps inside. I really love them, especially these bears above. I wouldn't dare to use them, though.

All time favorite milk tea!

She also got us this unique-looking face wash. There's jelly-like soap inside, covered with some soapy water. It smells super good and I used it for the first time tonight.

Even the instruction paper's so cute!

And aside from these, there were also other things such as a bag of seaweed, cookies and cakes, erasable pens, etc.I love them all. <333

I almost fell asleep in front of my computer. Guess I need to sleep first. See you later!

xx emilywip

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