Sunday, July 19, 2015

Daily Piece 2/7

It's no secret, but I have no life. *dramatic music plays in the background*

I was on my Instagram, scrolling, bored. Then I thought, "Hey, it's been too long since the last time I played with watercolors!" I feel like I was in some kind of hiatus, or art-block, like they all say it. And without concrete reasons, I challenged myself to do this one-piece-a-day thing. It'll only last for like, a week. Because I gotta go to school on 24th and I'll most probably stop by then.

Day 1 - July 17, 2015
Forget Me Nots

I've wanted to draw these flowers but always been too lazy to, so I decided to draw these for the first piece. Even though I looked for references for the petals but didn't pay enough attention at the stems. My friend said the stems of forget-me-nots aren't like that. Uh... so... NO I'M NOT EMBARRASSED. NO. NOT AT ALL.

Yes, pudding glass (from Musical Culinary Fest blog post) for the water.

Day 2 - July 18, 2015
How I Wish

If you're following me on Instagram, you should've seen this one. It's a fan art of a truly brilliant short movie 'How I Wish' starring the super talented Eden Ang and Audrey Goh. I love literally everything about it; the dance, the music, the actors (I've been fangirling over them both since I found WahBanana's YouTube Channel!!!), the expressions, the location, how it's a silent movie in black and white, and the story that it brought and EVERYTHING ELSE! Totally got the feels. 

You should watch it if you still haven't, HERE.

Can't play music. Borrowed my brother's music book HAHAHA.
Messy, I know. I wanted to make this drawing to have a sketchy feeling, and I'm not good at details. I didn't really expect Audrey and Eden to notice this, but they did. Word can't even describe how happy I was (and still am!).

And another reason why I love that short movie is probably because I always have a thing for that kind of dance. Um, ballroom dance? Or something like that. You should definitely watch 'Anchors Away' if you can relate to me. It's a short movie, HitRecord production, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt (AKA 500 DAYS OF SUMMER, ROBIN IN DARK NIGHT RISES - BAE ALERT!). Watch it HERE.

Bye - for now! Gotta draw today's piece. Please leave a comment if you have an idea of what I should draw later. And you should think about this fun project. A little sketch a day for a week (or more) won't hurt. ;)

xx emilywip

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