Friday, September 4, 2015

Pretty Flowers from Used Plastic Bags

Happy weekend everyone! I finally have time to blog. :')

School has been a roller coaster ride (re: thrilling) these past 2 weeks for me, and with me being the procrastinator that I am didn't help at all. But anyway, I still experienced the good things and learnt new experiences as well within those two weeks. One example: making these flowers from used plastic bags. The idea is from our English teacher Mrs. Detta and the flowers were used for decorating our school's booth at Education Fair last 25-26 August. Another example: being part of the said booth (and so I was dismissed from history class that afternoon). The booth represented the Campus of St. Theresia; from kindergarten, elementary, primary, high school, and tourism high school.

To make these flowers, you need:
1. Colorful plastic bags (I don't recommend the dull-colored and super thin ones)
2. An ironing machine.
3. Scissors.
4. A candle (and a match).
5. Factory made plastic flower stamens and flower stems. (But of course you can make this yourself - I saw a lot of tutorials on Google!)

Note: ask for adults' help if you're still underage, for this tutorial involves fire and scissors.

1. Iron your plastic bags. This is to add texture on your flower petals. If you use thin plastics, iron 2-3 bags at once so they'll stick to each other. Remember to use fabric or anything between the ironing machine and your plastics because direct contact with the iron may cause holes on your plastics.

2. Cut the plastics you've ironed into squares.

3. Fold the squares into two, and fold once again. Use a template and cut them according to the template to make your flower petals the same size. Don't forget to make a hole at the center for the stems and stamens.

But of course you can make different shape and add the number of folds.

4. Fold each petal into two, and warm the folds with candles to stiffen them. Don't burn your flower petals, instead use the bluish / lower part of the fire. Your flowers shall not have direct contact with the fire for too long as they would bend and burn.

5. Then, you need 2-4 petals that you've made and a stamen for a stem of flower. Find the perfect color combination for your flowers! Repeat the process and make a lot of flowers!

Make sakura, forget me nots, sunflowers, or whatever you like. Go crazy with your creativity! :D

Sorry for the blurry picture.

With this, you can decorate you room, party, desk, and on top of all you don't have to waste much money for decoration and you can help a little to save the environment!

Have a nice weekend!

emilywip xx


  1. Wow it's so beautiful
    Thank you for sharing this!
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