Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mini Photographie Spam #1

I've been using my mom's Nikon J1 since a few years ago, but not until recently I started to use the manual mode. All this years, I'd depended on the programmed mode where I didn't have to think about the Exposure Triangle of photography, which is about the balance of ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed. All thanks to photography club!

I'm going to write a Mini Photographie Spam post once in 2-3 months or whenever I have time to blog. Please enjoy the first ever MPS of the pictures I took in between September and October!




I still have a lot to learn yes yes, true true. But I love this thing called photography and that's enough reason to continue taking pictures. And if I may tell you, my dear friend, you should try too. If you don't have a camera, borrow someone else's or use your phone. And then if you think that you love photography that much, try saving and buy a camera. :)

xx emilywip


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    1. Masih jelek nihh ntar ya lu nikah gw jd fotografernya WKWKWK

    2. WOI UPDATE CEPETAN! -ailin
      CEPETAN UPDATE WOI! -yessica