Saturday, October 10, 2015

Starbucks' #BatikCup 2015

Batik is basically a wax-resist technique or the cloth made using this technique. It's one of Indonesia's epic culture. Last second day of October was Batik Day and Starbucks decided to have a contest just like the last few years, with batik as the theme.

So, it was Friday and I was craving for some hot drink after school so bad. My Starbucks card still had some balance, and I thought, "Why not?" and that resulted in a cup of hot, calming chocolate drink. The funny part is that I brought the cup home because I haven't finished drinking yet, and just when I checked my phone, I got the notification that Starbucks' having this competition for people to create their own batik cup. And of course, I wanted to join, so I joined (even though I couldn't recall the last time I drew some batik pattern - maybe it was in primary school).

Here's mine (my editing skills help HAHAHA OMG):

Where's yours? To join:

Good luck! :)

xx emilywip