Sunday, December 20, 2015

Enjuku Theatre: The Legend of Lotus

Have you ever loved something so much because that something consists of two things you love, mixed into one? For example, you love baking and you're a fan of red velvet. Therefore you love baking red velvet so much.

For me, It's a combination of theatres and Japan.

I've been admiring theatre performances ever since I watched my first legit one in November 2014. I've watched several other theatre performances after that, but never grew tired of them. Yesterday was my first time watching one performed by university students, Enjuku Theatre, titled 'The Legend of Lotus'.

The show was held in Gedung Kesenian Jakarta at 4 PM, but my friends and I came earlier. At the entrance, our tickets were ripped and we were given a booklet and brochures regarding the theatre and the sponsors. We saw someone playing kendama, a traditional Japanese game similar to yo-yo I guess. A representative from the booth said I could also try playing and if I were able to get the ball to the right place three times in a row, they would give me something. But as expected, I'm not good at those kind of thing, sadly. *cries*

There was also a mini exhibition of pictures of the performers, drawings of the characters of the story, and a booth selling Enjuku Theatre's official merchandise. Among them were bags, CDs, buttons, phone straps, etc. I bought a phone strap, for I'm one of those people who like collecting stuff haha.

Oh, have I mentioned that the performance used Japanese language? I found that stunningly amazing (they provided subtitle though, or else I would be dead for sure).

Synopsis (copied straght from Enjuku Theatre official website):
Keluarga Misawa adalah sebuah keluarga baik-baik yang tinggal di rumah megah dengan kolam lotusnya yang indah. Keluarga tersebut tengah berbahagia dengan pernikahan putri sulung mereka. Namun, mereka menjadi korban (kejahatan) penipuan dari sebuah keluarga yang jahat bernama Keluarga Aoyama yang serakah dan sangat iri kepada mereka. Tujuh lotus kesayangan Sang Putri Keluarga Misawa-lah yang kemudian membalaskan dendam atas amarah dan rasa sedih yang mereka rasakan.

I'm not gonna write the storyline here because they would be spoilers (and it sounds tiring LOL). You gotta watch it yourself. But I just need to say one thing: with all the songs and dances, the Japanese speaking actors, the plot, the handmade costumes and all that, there's nothing that I dislike about yesterday's Enjuku Theatre performance.

Enjuku Theatre itself is a musical theatre group consists of 70+ university students who are studying Japanese. They're from 20 different universities. Founded in January 2009, they've been performing annualy. And their performances are all related to Japan, like 'Kaguya Hime', 'Urashima Taro', etc.

After the performance ended, all the players sang Sakura Yo, Merah Putih, and a dance. I don't fully remember the name but it's something about Indonesia and it's really fun to watch! After that, we took pictures with the actors at the front gate.

The only one with good lightning is this hahaha. Picture with the majestic Ibushigoi.

And of course, I keep the ticket. :))

This one below is about Abu-Abu. A theatre performance by Cassava (Singkong, mas bro!!!) / Theatre of Ricci, that I watched last month. Somehow, I'm into deep stories that we need to figure out the moral ourself (and princess-y costumes, whether it's of old dynasty, modern princesses, etc :3).

"Of revenge and everything uncertain - everything grey."

Ahh, another great experience. If you've never watched one before, you should try! Or maybe you should join your school's theatre group. You can thank me later with a free entrance ticket of your performance. :D

Oh, and wishing you a Merry Christmas in advance! Use this holidays for somethig good, don't just laze around (like me LOL).

xx emilywip


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