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Review: Like Yesterday by Freesia Lockheart

I have a list of 2016 goals, and one of them is to read a minimum of 12 books, paperbacks, this year. Okay, it's probably too few for your taste but I only read like 3 books last year (I WAS SO MAD AT MYSELF) and I'm not 100% sure about this particular goal, honestly. But I hope everything will go as planed and I could tick this goal off by the end of the year.

On February, came a birthday package from my friend and my favorite writer on Wattpad and my twin sis (yes, that's a person and not three) a.k.a crossroad. Inside was a sweet birthday card, a pretty bracelet, and a copy of Like Yesterday - HER FIRST PUBLISHED PAPERBACK - autographed!!!

Ok. Back to the main topic of this post, which probably contains a small dose of spoilers (because this is a review and not the tiny description on the back of a book).

Author: Freesia Lockheart
Published in: 2015
Pages: 231
Genre: Young Adult / Teen Fiction

Like Yesterday is a love-hate story of Reese and Jace. They were in love, so close, before something happened, which made her hate Jace to the core. After that something, Jace left his hometown. And in one summer, where Reese was supposed to be enoying her last summer break of high school, he was back in town. Reese believed Jace was there for revenge. What she didn't know was that... no, he probably wasn't. And that perhaps, his comeback woud re-write their story. 'And what if... there's more to the story than what she knows?' Quoted Freesia.

The story begins with a prologue of how it's like to be neighbors with one good looking guy. Then contiued with the comeback of Jace, which leads to questions. Who is Jace? What happened between them? Why does Reese think he came for revenge? What is 'the incident'? Did Jace use to cheat on Reese or something? Did they use to date or they were just close - really close friends? Is Jace Hamilton a jerk? Is Reese actually named after peanut butter cups?!!

To answer the last question... it's true. Reese is actually a chocolate alien in a human costume. Gosh, this book is a sci-fi all along!!!

Funny. Ha. You're ruining your own review, Emily.

Okay, back to the real thing. There were some flashbacks to let readers know what really happened between them back then. And then Reese planned an 'attack' so that Jace won't mess with her again but turned out that her attempt to at- okay. Enough with the spoilers.

I love the characters. First lovable character of this book award goes to... *drumrolls* Jace Hamilton. I love how he's not a bad boy with a sweet heart, but instead a well mannered guy with a sweet heart. Plus, he's a musician. I'm very fond of people who can play the guitar or piano or other music instruments. <3 On the other hand, I don't really like Reese, for she hurt my Jace so badly haha. I'm probably biased to Jace, but I really detest her attack plan that I've mentioned earlier. But she, as well as the readers, learnt a lot of things by the end of the story. We were perhaps like Reese at times. It's all about character development, I guess.

I really love how she writes the story. In a way, it's very enjoyable, beautiful yet simple. Even though I've already read this on Wattpad a few years ago and I've already known what the whole story's about, I still got carried away with this book. I could even understand the situations better this time.

Even though perhaps some people, including me back then, were like "But it's only a stupid misunderstanding! How could they be like that just because of that?!", over the years I've realized that misunderstandings are always stupid. That even in real life, people have stupid misunderstandings.

Even me. *cries in the background*

Anyway, names after chocolates - Reese, Cadbury (her brother), Snicker (Cad's dog), and the newborn baby's name that I'll keep a secret for now hehehe - why didn't it cross my mind before? It's briliant. AND the epilogue was filled with song lyrics and I fell in love with them! Not that bizzare since Reese isn't a lyric writer in the first place but okay, I love to sing the chorus with random notes I make myself honestly. 

The only thing I dislike  is Reese's attack plan and Brit's way of humiliating. I found them too... childish. Overall, it's a good read and I was really enjoying it. Great teen fiction. Light and not too complicated. Relevant title. The summer feeling of this book is somehow vivid. 

One more thing. THIS REVIEW IS UTTERLY MY OPINION. You might or might not agree with my presspecive of this book. Please feel free to review my review on the comment section if you've already finished this book and think differently!

Next book to review: Critical Eleven by Ika Natassa.

Have a nice day!
xx emilywip

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