Saturday, June 4, 2016

ComicFest ID 2016 + Mini Art Haul

Hello everyone!!!

Now that I've got my precious internet connection (re: life) back, I'm here to write what I was supposed to write like a week ago hahaha.

ComicFest is an event that focuses on... well, comics. It was held last 28-29th May 2016 at SMESCO UKM Jakarta. I went there on Sunday with my friend There, her mom, and her friend. We've bought our tickets at a minimart few days before because it's cheaper than buying on the spot. And we wouldn't miss the chance to get a free KitKat there. 

Upon arrival, we exchanged our bills from the minimart with a pink bracelet-shaped entrance ticket at the counter. And we also got a sheet of promo coupons!

Anyway, I was the only one in the group who didn't cosplay. My friend cosplayed as Ayame from Koutetsujou no Kabaneri (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress), her mom as Mumei from the same anime, and her friend as Ichigo from Bleach (I think?). This whole situation instantly forced me to become a photographer, because lots of people want to take pictures with Mumei and Ayame.

.....why no one wanted to take pictures with me. I look like Taylor Swift. ; v ;

There were lots of cosplayers but I only knew a few because I'm not quite following anime hehe. The guest cosplayers were Liui, Ying Tze, Orochi X, Naru, Erlan, Pinky Lu Xun, Franzeska Edelyn, Matcha Mei, Clarissa Punipun, and Jeanice Ang.

Once we went inside, there were exhibition booths!!! I'm very fond of those ever since I attended HelloFest (2014? 2015?). I had made a list of the things I wanted to buy, before I went to ComicFest. There were only 2 things (because I'm seriously on a budget lol), which were a mini comic and a Harley Quinn art print. I immediately bought one of them: Alien mini comic by bebekterbang (visit her Tumblr & Twitter), because the last time at HelloFest I didn't get the chance to buy a Totoro sticker that I badly wanted. I was late and the seller had run out. So, lesson learned: purhase early lol.

I think what they were selling similar to other comic/anime exhibitions. Like keychains, art prints, badges, posters, comics, books, stickers, phonestraps, plushies, bookmarks, totebags, plastic fans... And my favorite things to buy would always, always be art prints & stickers.

We headed inside where the AC was, and immediately greeted by this huge re:ON. I didn't know what it was befoe, but now I knew that re:ON is an Indonesian comic. Seems like it's pretty popular. Where have I been lol. There were more art booths inside, and there was the main stage at the front. It was pretty early so the place wasn't packed yet.

Main stage

Then, I found the booth where the Harley Quinn art print was!!! It's called Donat hahaha. The other prints were all so beautiful too! I kind of regret not buying more huhu. 

I was so lucky to even got the chance to take a picture with the beautiful and talented Tiara Nabyl aka TYRNBL (visit her Tumblr & Instagram), who's the artist of the Harley Quinn art print. I love her so much, both as a model and illustrator. How could someone be so pretty and make adorable illustrations at the same time?!

There was a cosplay competition, where each cosplayer acted as their favorite character (from Indonesian comics) for 3 minutes on the stage. Some of the performances were really good and creative!

And there was also a costreet competition, which my friend joined. The people who joined had to act as their favorite character (not Indonesian characters only this time) for leas than a minute I think. A stage performance by Edelyn was happening after the cosplay competition and before the costreet competition. It was pretty good!

Oh, anyway we exchanged our coupons with a small sized Crunch for free. When we were about to head home, I also purchased another Crunch and a green tea KitKat (not pictured) because I was addicted haha.

Aaaand unfortunately it's time to go home. :(

Here's my mini haul. They're all so precious. No regret.

Alien mini comic by bebekterbang
Harley Quinn art print by amewica / tyrnbl
Tony Stark sticker by snowlattes

Overall, I enjoyed ComicFest so much. There were lots of talented comic creators & artists & cosplayers that inspired me. I was surrounded by creative people and that was so incredible. I'm really proud of Indonesia. :D


xx emilywip

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