Saturday, September 17, 2016

Postcards from Bandung


I want to bake cookies and paint and watch Snowden and travel somewhere far away. But I can't. Not because there are assignments to get done (which I actually have), but because I'm that lazy couch potato that always submits my works last minute.

Lately I've been feeling stuck and I just couldn't concentrate on anything. I feel like I've disappointed lots of people in the past few weeks, including myself. And then there are also lots of regrets and bad luck and bullshit and a train of other shitty situations involved in this shitty phase of my life that I shouldn't elaborate any further. I don't want to feel better. I actually want to BE better.

I realized that I haven't been blogging much, maybe that was why hahaha, so here goes the a-few-months-late Bandung post! What I mean by postcards are some photographs that I took on my last trip to Bandung (that I think will be nice if made into postcards, but the  phone cam quality lolol)

Pascal Food Market! It's more crowded at night.

We tried mie kocok (mie = noodles, kocok = shake) one famous dish of Bandung cuisines!

Pascal Food Market's design is great and country-ish

Also the famous Ronde Alkateri, yum!

There are lots of cute resto/cafes near Pascal Food Market

Calamari @ KARE

Cake from Sukha Bakery that we accidentally ran into. Pretty good.

The next day we went to Lembang Farmhouse!!!!

They sell cute stuff all over Farmhouse


Dodol susu!!! The packaging's nice!

Love the design, but the taste was outta my expectations :(

You can rent Dutch clothes here!!!


Next: De'Ranch! Didn't take many pics there :(

Next day we went to PVJ (Paris Van Java, one of the biggest malls). On the way we bought juice @ Sukamaju st. Recommended juice place!!! So fresh & cheap & yummy!

Dusk light

That's it ahaha there are more pics but not good enough to post, and my sis and I were sick for two days during this trip, so the pics are quite few hehe.

Have a great Sunday y'all!

x emily

p.s.: funnily enough, after I finished this post I remembered the quote "time heals; the bad days will pass for it won't linger and be there forever" or something like that :') 

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