Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Let's ACTUALLY Achieve Our 2017 Goals!

Hi guys!

As we all know, this year is coming to an end. I've been really grateful for the little things I received or got to experience in 2016. Here are some from my Insta stories.

Managed to have my so-called 'workspace'!

As you can see, I've been grateful for all the good food.

...and of course other things (w/c happen to not be pictured here hehehe)

Anyway, remember your 2016 to-do-list / resolutions / goals which you made last year? Have you achieved any of them? All of them, probably? Applause if you did, that's the coolest thing one can do!

However, I didn't achieve any of mine. Surprise, Surprise.

It's a shame, and I felt miserable. But I kind of tried to figure out where exactly did I make mistakes and why exactly my goals couldn't happen. And I kind of figured out why. Though it's probably not 100% accurate, but the thought made me smile, chin up, have my hopes again to achieve next year's goals, and somehow, 2017 seems a little brighter.  

Here's a few tips based on my personal experiences:

1. Purpose
Ask ourself this: why do we want to achieve the goal so bad? This is very important in deciding our goals so that we can understand what we actually want to achieve. For example: last year I wanted to save a certain amount of money, even though I didn't know exactly what I want to use it for. This, my friend, was probably the reason I've stopped doing it. Instead, I should've made the purpose clear, like save the money to buy a new laptop for uni or something like that, so that I could know exactly why I wanted to achieve the goal, which can be very motivating.

2. Plan & Be Precise
Each goal we want to achieve needs a few small steps we can achieve. A huge goal may sound thrilling and seem like an impossible task when we start from zero. What do you prefer to have in your to-do-list - read 12 books a year OR read a book a month? What do you prefer - be healthier OR eat greens and fruits everyday and exercise for 30 minutes each day? Blog more often OR write at least two or three blog posts each month?

3. Positivity & Integrity
We need to believe first that we can actually achieve our goals, before we actually achieve them. Also, keep walking on the path, even though we stumble and have our doubts a few times. Let's do the things we said we want to do, or else they would seem like a pile of lies.

I hope this helps, because I think this would work for me personally. Do you have any other things to add? Oh, and what are the goals you want to achieve next year? Please don't hesitate to leave your thoughts below!

Happy new year 2017! Bye 2016, you've been good.

x emilywip

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