Saturday, March 4, 2017

[Poetry] Dear Kid

Dear kid,
sorry to say
but your Sunday morning cartoons
and best friends forever
they're all lies

Dear kid,
by the time you see the world
you'll realize
that the sun isn't the one moving
that not all turtles unable to run
that crossroads are there forever
and that friends
come with terms and conditions

Dear kid,
people will perpetually show you
how unpromising, how unintelligent,
how underachieving,
how you're not gonna make it

you may think of them such disagreeable
it feels wrong, yet so right
and in the end
you'll blame you

Kid, tell me,
what else can you do
but focus on your path
its dreadful deserts, its unforgiving oceans
and death valleys?

You'll reach the fairy land
when it's all rainbows and unicorns
there will come true,
your dreams!

So, kid,
post-script this in your being
let them form their jealousy into words of hatred
let them turn their great talents into utmost pride
let them

[05/03/17 - em]


  1. and u'll realize that spongebob is just a spons cuci piring that lives in the sea...

    aaaa biyutiful writing u wrote there ms

    1. .......and that squidward is the realest.

      thank u ms hv a luvely day!!!