Monday, April 24, 2017

Book-Hunting at Big Bad Wolf 2017 + Mini Haul

Last Friday, my friends and I went to ICE BSD (Hall 7 - 10) to visit a book bazaar called Big Bad Wolf 2017. It's happening for 280 hours NON STOP (which is insane!), starting from the 21st at of April at 08.00 AM to 2nd of May at 11.59 PM. But VIPs can access the hall a day before it opens for public. We're no VIP maaan, so we went there on the 21st.

We took the train to Rawa Buntu Station then continued our journey by GrabCar (a.k.a an online transportation). There was no ticket necessary to enter the hall, or should I say heaven of books. Basically we were greeted by thousands of books!

Sorry this picture is blurry af, I didn't realize my camera was out of focus hehe. But as you can see, they stack the books and put them onto small tables, so we can move around freely. Most of the books are children story books and activity books and also hobbies (like art & design, music, traveling, crafting, sporting, planting, and cooking), but you can also find YA, romance, history, crime, classic, self-help, and dictionaries etc. Most books are in English, but there are lots of Bahasa and translated ones too, separated and placed in the sides of the room.

Aside from individual books, they've also got a few box sets and notebooks slash journals, and some kind of design archive in boxes? I found them pretty interesting! If you're going, I advise you to: 1) Bring food 2) Bring cash or credit card because they don't accept payments with any debit cards aside from Mandiri 3) Think thrice before buying, or else you'll end up with piles of books you probably wouldn't even read.

Sorry guys, I judge a book by its cover. I mean look at this!

These books are huge guys!

Found Big Bad Wolf at Big Bad Wolf dawwww

Do you want to talk about the prices? They're super. Supeeeeeer. I think you don't need to check on Google about the price because I think they've got the best prices, but you can always take a look at the reviews first before buying.

I ended up buying 2 books, one on cooking and one on politics. Thing is, I couldn't find the YA novels and children story books that I want to buy, and also I couldn't find The Art of Tangled or Big Hero 6 or Zootopia YET I found Dory and Monster University!!! I am disappointed. Truly disappointed. :( Maybe I should've just gone with the MU one?!?!?

And guys, funnily enough, my brother went there days after and bought the same books as me - one also on Japanese cooking and one exactly the same book! Ha ha. Such bro-sis bond. Such waste on money hahaha cries. :')

A lot of people complained about the long queue at the cashier, and about how the good books are being monopolized and bought in one go by certain people, etc etc BUT all in all, I should say that I had fun there. It was more like a treasure-hunt than book-hunt to me. I kind of regret not buying The Rosie Project, though. Maybe next year I should go again? :)

xx emilywip

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